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Tools consolidates your digital touch points with Rockwell Automation, creating a personalized, richer, more connected, and more productive experience.

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Sample Code Library

A place for users to share their best Integrated Architecture applications, including logic, HMI and drive applications.

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Product Drawings

Product drawing tools to help you design & apply our products. Available on-line or for download, our tools help you access information while in the office or on the go.

Rockwell Automation on Aug. 16, 2017 in Cleveland, OH.
Product Compatibility and Download Center

The Product Compatibility and Download Center (PCDC) can help you find product-related downloads including firmware, release notes, associated software, drivers, tools and utilities.

Rockwell Automation on Aug. 16, 2017 in Cleveland, OH.
Procurement Specifications

Procurement specifications include communication options, ratings, and certifications, which help customers determine if a product meets their requirements.

Product Services

Product Selection and Configuration

Bill of Materials

Create, track and share your Bill of Materials. Your Bill of Materials (BOM) will help you create a product list to collaborate with colleagues and partners alike.

Product Configurator

Configure and select products rapidly.


CrossWorks Software helps you refurbish or upgrade an existing machine’s or system’s industrial controls by helping you find potential replacement products from Rockwell Automation.

ProposalWorks Proposal Builder

Our ProposalWorks proposal builder helps you create proposals with an easy-to-use interface that quickly determines the exact catalog numbers you need and provides access to current global list pricing.

Integrated Architecture Builder

Use Integrated Architecture Builder (IAB) to layout and validate control systems, and generate proposals and BOMs that provide the details of your control system.


Quickly migrate an existing SLC? 500 or PLC-5? configuration to a ControlLogix? or a CompactLogix? controller-based configuration.

Product Catalog

Rockwell Automation Product Catalog App allows you to browse or search our comprehensive product catalog from your mobile device.