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Motor Control

We offer?a complete line of motor control products for your motor management systems. Our motor controllers meet the needs of many applications from low to medium voltage and?conform to NEMA or IEC standards.

Motor Control Contactors

We offer?a full line of versatile and robust contactors for both IEC and NEMA applications. Our IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. They are environmentally friendly, versatile, and flexible. Our NEMA contactors are known for rugged construction, dependable performance, and long electrical life.

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NEMA Combination Contactors

Our?NEMA?Combination Contactors are available in either a disconnect switch or circuit breaker, mounted to a common device. Our products also have a variety of enclosures to suit various application needs.

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IEC Contactors

Our?IEC contactors offer AC and DC control. They are environmentally friendly, versatile and flexible. These contactors can protect your other devices while delivering the performance you expect.

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NEMA Contactors

Our?motor-rated contactors are available from NEMA size 00…9, in open and enclosed design for full-voltage starting of AC motors. Our contactors can also be used for non-motor and lighting loads. We also offer a variety of NEMA contactors?with marine certification for many marine and off-shore applications. We offer feeder-disconnect type lighting contactors for turning large blocks of lights on and off.

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156-C Solid-state Contactors

Our Bulletin 156-C Solid-state Contactors complement our line of Bulletin 700 solid-state relays to provide you with a complete line of solid-state solutions.?Our contactors are designed?without moving parts or contacts that can wear out. This feature can reduce or eliminate the cost associated with maintenance, part replacement, and downtime.

Control & Load Switches

Bulletin 194 control and load switches offer you state-of-the-art solutions for almost any application. You can use Bulletin 194E load switches and Bulletin 194L control/load switches as 'at-motor disconnecting means' per article 430-J of the National Electrical Code. Bulletin 1592 Fused and Non-Fused Load-Break Switches are specialty medium voltage control options.

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IEC Load Switches

Our Bulletin 194E Load Switches are designed for use as local motor isolation and disconnect switch applications. Our switches are available in 3- and 6-pole versions with add-on additional poles, grounding and neutral terminals and auxiliary contacts. These switches share the same operating handles as the Bulletin 194L Control and Load Switches.

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IEC Control & Load Switches

Bulletin 194L Control?and Load Switches are flexible, adaptable, time- and space-saving devices. Our switches are available as front door-, base- or DIN Rail-mounting versions. You can use these switches as manual motor controllers and motor disconnects.

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Medium Voltage Load Break Switches

Our Bulletin 1592 Medium Voltage Load Break Switches are available with fused and non-fused options and specialty medium voltage control options for feeder and mains.

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1503 Isolation Switch

Our Bulletin1503 Isolation Switch is a non-load-break type switch. The isolation switch works with the 1502 vacuum contactor and the 1503HM isolation switch handle to isolate the power cell when the isolation switch handle is moved to the OFF position.


Our line of Enclosures include push-button, junction box, and general purpose which are all designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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General Purpose Enclosures

Our Bulletin 598 line of enclosures include general purpose, junction box, and replacement enclosures designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Push Button Enclosures

We offer push button enclosures in 1- thru 4-hole configurations designed for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Low Voltage Motor Control Centers

CENTERLINE? Low Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) offer a rugged, high performance packaging solution for all your motor control needs, providing the advantages you need in your competitive environment. Our CENTERLINE MCCs are designed to meet your global needs.

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Our CENTERLINE? 2500 IEC Low Voltage motor control centers (MCCs) are designed to meet global application requirements. By combining a smaller footprint and comprehensive type testing, the CENTERLINE 2500 MCCs help meet the needs of customers. Our MCCs also help meet the global demand for factory-ready, space-, energy-, and cost-efficient motor control solutions.

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Our CENTERLINE? 2100 NEMA Motor Control Centers (MCCs) combine rugged durability and premium quality, and integrate control and power into one centralized package. Our industry-leading MCCs meets UL and NEMA standards and offer solutions for networking and communications, and safety.

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IntelliCENTER Software for Motor Control Centers

IntelliCENTER? software provides the ultimate window into your MCC. The software puts both real-time diagnostics and MCC documentation at your fingertips to maximize the performance of your MCC and related equipment. The graphical views of individual MCC units display device data and let you quickly view critical status information. The Integration Assistant feature lets you automatically build an I/O tree in the Studio? 5000 environment or automatically populate the meter data in FactoryTalk? EnergyMetrix? using information from IntelliCENTER Software.?IntelliCENTER Energy provides the automatic, pre-configured setup of FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix for intelligent motor control devices in the motor control center.

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IntelliCenter Integration Unit

Our IntelliCENTER? Integration Unit delivers a common experience when you communicate with devices over the IEC 61850 standard. You can use the integration unit to unify power and process systems within the Logix and FactoryTalk? environments to create one operating environment. The IntelliCENTER IEC 61850 Integration Unit, the standard hardware aspect of the Intelligent Packaged Power solution, is only available in North America.

Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers

Your critical applications rely on medium voltage motors for safe, repeatable operation in harsh industrial environments. To improve the protection and performance of your systems, choose our CENTERLINE? 1500 Motor Control Centers (MCCs). They are built tough with the capabilities you need to meet application demands.


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CENTERLINE 1500 Medium Voltage MCCs

Our CENTERLINE? 1500 Medium Voltage Motor Control Centers (MCCs) are available in various control formats that include arc resistant product designs. Controller options include full-voltage, reversing, reduced-voltage, solid-state reduced-voltage, multi-speed, and synchronous control. These controllers include load break switches that provide integrated intelligence and the lowest-cost solution for starting motor applications.

Soft Starters, Low Voltage

Our Smart Motor Controllers? are soft starters that are designed to help minimize cost by reducing overall system power requirements and wear and tear on equipment. Our soft starters can be easily integrated into your intelligent motor control solution to offer higher productivity and shorter downtimes. They are an ideal alternative to a drive where a more cost-effective, simple solution is required.

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SMC-50 Soft Starters

Our SMC?-50 soft starters are available with a current range from 108…480 A. Our SMC-50 fully solid-state soft starters are available from 90...520 A. Advanced monitoring and protection functions, superior communication capability, and energy saver mode all help this soft starter increase efficiency and reduce downtime.

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SMC Flex Low Voltage Soft Starters

Our SMC? Flex Soft Starters are available with a current range from 5...1250 A. They feature integral bypass?and flexible communications with advanced performance, diagnostics, and protection.

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SMC-3 Low Voltage Soft Starters

Our SMC?-3 Soft Starters are available with a current range from 3...480 A. They feature compact, true three-phase control in a cost-effective package. They include overload protection, integral bypass, and motor and system diagnostics.

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STC Starting Torque Controllers

Our Bulletin 154 STC? Starting Torque Controllers provide a cost-effective, soft-starting solution for low horsepower single- and three-phase squirrel cage induction motors. Our starting torque controllers help reduce mechanical and electrical stress on motor circuits and systems by limiting voltage at start-up. This avoids the over-torque and over-current conditions that happen when across-the-line circuits are completed, like when a basic motor control contactor closes.

Medium Voltage Soft Starters

Our Medium Voltage Soft Starters apply reduced voltage to a medium voltage?AC motor to allow soft starting and stopping, limit the inrush current, and reduce the effects of water hammer in pumping systems.

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OneGear Medium Voltage Soft Starters with SMC Flex

The OneGear? product line is the next generation of medium voltage motor control specifically designed to meet a variety of global standards. OneGear products offer greater motor control center and power control center options for full voltage and solid-state reduced voltage applications while supporting operating voltages up to 15 kV.

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NEMA CENTERLINE 1500 Soft Starters

The?medium voltage?SMC?-50 controllers furnish, as standard, a full range of starting and stopping methods for a variety of applications. Its unique control options offer enhanced motor starting and stopping capabilities to satisfy your most demanding applications.

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1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers

Our Bulletin?1503 Reduced Voltage Starters with SMC-50 Controllers provides microprocessor controlled starting for standard three-phase, squirrel-cage induction motors. These assemblies can also be used to retrofit existing motor controllers and are available as an OEM frame and components.

Low Voltage Starters

We offer?a full line of versatile and robust starters for both IEC and NEMA applications. Our light industrial IEC starters?are environmentally friendly, versatile and flexible. Our heavy-duty NEMA starters are renowned for rugged construction, dependable performance and long electrical life.

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IEC Combination Starters

Our IEC Combination Starters include direct-on-line, reversing, and two-speed operating modes. These starters are rotary operated and include 22.5 mm command and indication devices. IEC style components allow for a more compact footprint and are available up to 250 Hp (300 A).

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NEMA Combination Starters

Our NEMA Combination Starters include across-the-line, reversing, and two-speed operating modes. These starters are flange operated, include 30.5 mm command and indication devices, and are available up to 510 Hp (810 A).

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ArmorStart Distributed Motor Controllers

Our ArmorStart? Distributed Motor Controllers are a cost-effective, simple solution to your on-machine architecture.?These controllers?use quick disconnects for I/O, communications, motor, three-phase, and control power while offering several communication options. These controllers provide a solution integrated into EtherNet/IP? and DeviceNet? networks and options for safety installations. ArmorStart controllers are ideal for automotive, material handling, and packaging applications.

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IEC Enclosed Starters

Our IEC Enclosed Starters offer operating modes that include direct-on-line, reversing, and two-speed. They include 22.5 mm command and indication devices, and are available up to 85 A.

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Enclosed Soft Starters

Our Enclosed SMC-3, SMC Flex, and SMC-50 soft starters are available as non-combination, combination fused disconnect, or combination circuit breaker starters. Enclosed soft starters may be fully customized with a wide variety of factory-installed options and are pre-engineered for quick factory lead times.

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NEMA Manual Motor Low Voltage Starters

NEMA Manual Motor Starting Switches are designed for use on motor starting installation.?The Bulletin 600 switches offer overload protection for small 1-phase AC/DC motors. The Bulletin 609 and 609U switches are designed for use on motor starter installations where remote push button control is not required. Bulletin 609U and 609TU switches provide full line voltage starting, thermal overload protection, and undervoltage protection.

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IEC Starter Mounting Systems

Bulletin 141A Modular Control System (MCS) Mounting Systems provide several different mounting solutions for IEC loadfeeders. Factory-assembled Bulletin 103 Non-Reversing and Bulletin 107 Reversing starters are available for these mounting solutions. Our mounting systems include preconfigured circuit breaker modules for feeding and protecting a busbar system.

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NEMA Pump Control Panels

Our NEMA Pump Control Panels have a flange handle that operates a motor circuit protector or a disconnect with visible blades.?You can customize them?with a variety of starter types for specific applications and accessories for control and diagnostic feedback.


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Open and Enclosed Starters, NEMA

Our Open and Enclosed NEMA Starters include across-the-line, reversing, and two-speed operating modes and are available up to 2250 A.

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IEC Open Starters

Our IEC open starters include direct-on-line, reversing, and variable speed operating modes and are available up to 97 A.

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Open Vacuum Starters

Our Bulletin 1109 Open Vacuum Starters include across-the-line and reversing operating modes and are available up to 600 A. These starters are ideal for harsh environments that use voltages up to 1500V.